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Presenting "Security at Lightspeed" at the ServiceNow NowForum '17 in Sydney at the IC

Mike Byrne was recently invited to present at NowForum 2017 in Sydney at the International Convention Centre.

Security at Lightspeed

AMP (ASX:AMP) embarked on a security operations transformation where the timeline was tight and expectations high. The presentation focussed on how AMP implemented a robust security operations solution swiftly and quickly, with results consisting of 60% reduction in vulnerability response time, 30% reduction in Security Incident Response resolution time and 3 x faster Security incident response.

This was delivered end to end in 6 weeks.

As an outcome of these outstanding results, AMP won the 2017 AusCert award for Organisational Excellence in Information Security.

Tools employed:

- Agile Delivery

- Clear Communication

- Make informed decisions, quickly

- Start with the end in mind, work backwards

- Blood, Sweat and Tears.

Thank you AMP and ServiceNow!

Introduction video located here.

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