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Kicking Goals in Health!

Quick timeout from a busy day to get a snap with the Director of redevelopment at Goulburn Valley Health (GVH).

Left: Sandy Chamberlin | Right: Debi Moore

Debi is on assignment providing GVH with credible and valuable advice on their ICT Infrastructure Strategy and Design - Go Debs! Thanks Sandy for posing for us!

Dgtlheart Profile - Debi Moore

Debi has over 30 years’ experience skills working on large complex activities, where she has participated in highly-informed decision-making strategies regarding the design of complex highly secure solutions. Debi has established herself as a trusted advisor to C suite and internal management, conversing both technically and commercially. As a high-energy leader, she has also published several white papers that target the CiO/CTO addressing specific business challenges by taking advantage of technologies available such as orchestration, SDN and cloud. She holds many of the industry respected certifications such as the Cisco CCIE (over 15 years) and Security CISSP.

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