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ServiceNow Security Operations - First deployment in Australia for Financial Services

We are proud to be working with Australia's largest superannuation fund to deploy the first ServiceNow Security Operations in Australia for Financial services.

The major components include security incident response, vulnerability management and threat intelligence. Benefits are already being realised and it's been a huge accomplishment for the team to deliver all three modules in 6 weeks, delivered successfully using 3 agile sprints.

The key objectives have all been met, and the next phase to continue to integrate and automate in 2017:

• Reduce Risk Exposure by significantly compressing the time to identify and contain security incidents and vulnerabilities, ultimately reducing the organisations overall risk; • Increase Efficiency by automating basic jobs which increases the bandwidth of the security analysts and response teams allowing them to respond more efficiently to attacks and incidents; • Improve Visibility by providing real time view into the overall security posture categorized by which critical business services are affected by open incidents or potential vulnerabilities; and • Security Service Catalogue which is available for standard request and fulfillment.

Very proud to be a part of this with KPMG.

DigitalHeart Team.

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